The Absolute Truth


       This site is about comfortably being real and truly searching for the absolute truth. This sounds simple enough and in today’s times it may also sound cliche.  The reality however, is that both being real and searching for the absolute truth is very difficult, if not impossible. The next few paragraphs will be a small window and introduction to what it is to be real and put “all your cards on the table”, stripping yourself for all to see. In doing this, searching for the absolute truth is much easier because the clutter of your clothing, which hides you, will no longer obstruct your vision or others to see clearly.

       What is being real? Being real is being you. Being you is being fallible, emotional, egotistical, kind, greedy, etc. There is only one you. You are a conglomeration of your unique genetic make-up which includes and in no ways is limited to physical, mental, emotional building blocks. After you’re born you immediately start a unique path beginning with the hospital room in which you were delivered. You then immediately experience influences which is the beginning impact of life being written on your blank slate. Throughout your childhood not only are your parents influential, but random events that happen to you can either have a major or minor impact. Maybe you got stung by a bee. Depending on who YOU are at the time, it could be a major or minor impact. Did you run home to your mom? Was she calm or hysterical? This is what most would consider a minor event, but for some people it had a major impact. The “butterfly effect” is in constant.

        What is being comfortably real? Being comfortably real is being you without your ego trying to protect you By this definition, is anyone truly comfortably real. Because of our ego, we see, hear, taste, feel and smell through our filtered prejudices. To a great degree, these prejudices have protected us. The more we can strip ourselves of this ego, the more we can be comfortably real. The more we can be comfortably real, the more we can be successful in searching for absolute truth.

       What is absolute truth? Absolute truth is what IS. Absolute truth is 100% factual. Some people say, “Well that may be your truth, but it is not mine.” What they are really talking about is their perception or experience. Truth is not “right or wrong”, or “good or bad.”  Truth can be on a very small scale. “I am breathing”. Truth can be on a large scale. “The earth is an imperfect sphere” But there is only one truth. Most people believe they do seek the truth, but what they really seek is a reconfirmation that their ideology is correct.

        Hopefully we will all learn about ourselves in our search of absolute truth and being comfortably real.

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Being Truly Real

The Absolute Truth

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